Eco cultural-digital transformation is not about technology, it is about people.
We have been involved in major corporate socio-cultural digital transformational process from where have gained valuable expertise; internal consultation processes, intra-inter ownership of cultural transformations, direct employees’ participation in the organisational cultural change and in establishing a business digital strategy.
We enhance the capabilities and talents of people to become the real owners of their own digital socio-cultural transformation in their organisation.
We use eco-systemic, multidimensional thinking and practices to ensure that the whole design process in developing a digital transformation strategy is; sustainable, accountable, traceable, transparent, socially just and ecologically safe.
We deploy the latest eco-software technology to design a systemic strategy. Software that are highly effective, flexible and adaptable to fit the specific needs of an organisation.
We start from the principle of co-designing your digital strategy to address and focus on your needs. We work on establishing needs, key priorities, and grade the business unit’s specific digital challenges.
We deploy agile work best practices, where digitize processes to produce software products that deliver better customer and end user value. Data management processes and techniques that are pivotal in adding value to clients and customers.
We have a team of specialists in designing and converting processes into digital processes and developing custom software and applications. We collaborate with software developers to produce and managed web portals for large, medium, small size business organisations.
We focus on process optimization and thematic issues, our approach involves data analysis, monitor, knowledge, input, automation and efficiency all which are central and connected to the business digital strategy.
We are professional facilitators, conductors seeking to collaborate and to co-create appropriate shared solutions. We aim to work and establish partnerships with clients, customers, end users, citizens.
We create a safe space to enhance trust, credibility, respect for all parties to engage in dialogues, to secure a shared meaning and collaborate with a clear sense of a digital transformational strategic purpose.
We deploy a reverse peer-to peer pyramid engagement, transforming our respective organizations in an agile and collaborative manner.
We aim at constructing shared responsibilities to establish internal capabilities and intimate knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.
National, regional and local bodies are key stakeholder in an innovation ecosystem, they can play a decisive role in facilitating an inclusive process of social and digital transformation. An innovative ecosystem, tech hubs where start-ups, accelerators and incubators connect and collaborate with local businesses, centres of excellence, research bodies, public sector and not-for-profit organizations.

With our partners we can provide technical innovation expertise, human and infrastructure resources, capabilities, project experience, communication, international co-operation, to transform a specific challenge into a measurable successful impact implementation.
We conduct digital consultancy work, organizational digital coaching and training program, webinars, conferences and publishing, in a variety of fundamental issues concerning the transition from exclusive digitization into a participatory and socio-inclusive digital work to develop key practical foundations and shared solutions.
We promote humane technologies and digital publishing, to enhance issues such as; innovation, digital transformation international co-operation, communication strategies, private-public partnerships, academic and eco-socially active community engagement.