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Wooden Architecture


Digital marketing or online marketing is the set of strategies and tools aimed at e-communication and electronic marketing of your products and services.


It is one of the main channels available for your company to communicate with the public in a direct, personalized way and at the right time.


We provide our clients with digital marketing services, such as:


  • Marketing automation, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  • Landing page.

  • Social networks with great reach.

  • Development of applications and notifications.

  • Professional graphic design.

  • Webinars for companies on marketing, sales and digital transformation.

  • Promotions and contests.


Benefits for your company


  • We create centralized databases or according to the needs of your business, including the flow of direct telephone calls, image gallery, product and / or service letter, customer data, your websites, or simply, what you want to add to your landing page!


  • With the landing page, your business can provide your customers with the most organized and ordered information, data and web links, ensuring control and monitoring of said activities.


  • With just one click you will access all the information you require so that your customers are interested and finally buy your products / services.


  • You can advertise your best offers, promotions and provide the information you want through our own applications.


  • With our notification tool, you can communicate directly with your users about the news and interesting offers that your business is offering.


  • Our notifications are geolocated, you can send them to the place you want and to an audience selected by yourself. Geolocation allows you to effectively reach your closest customers.


  • Your business will be much more active on social media.


  • We give a wide scope to your products / services, through promotions, offers or contests, which awaken in the client the desire to know more about your business.

Wooden Architecture